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South India Tour Packages

Kerala, situated in the south of India, is a stunning area to visit. It’s home to a variety of unique areas which feature an abundance of wildlife, stunning waterfalls, thick mist-filled jungles, seaside communities, historic and religious attractions, and so much more. Visitors to this state can enjoy relaxing on one of its many beaches, trek through the hills, take a houseboat tour of the backwaters, or simply immerse yourself in the unique culture. Lumiere Holidays offers a variety of tour packages to suit your needs!

  • Take a short escape into this beautiful land and discover just some of what it has to offer with a 2 night, 3 day tour on a houseboat.
  • Relax with your loved one on the beach and see unique wildlife traveling to their nightly watering areas when spending 5 nights, 6 days in the state.
  • Become a cultural expert and fill your album with hundreds of new photos by spending an entire week adventuring around the areas with a 6 night, 7 day tour!

By booking a tour through Lumiere Holidays, you are not just getting the vacation of a lifetime with some of the best destinations for you to choose from; you are also dealing with travel experts who know the area intimately, having grown up in the state, and who are able to offer you a true opinion on destinations which are worth visiting. Your tour will be personalized just for you, so you and your family can enjoy exactly what you want. With so many unforgettable destinations in the South India tour packages Lumiere Holidays has available, the hardest part might be deciding just which one you want to enjoy! For travel questions or help selecting a tour package, you are welcome to contact us at your convenience.

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