Things to do in Munnar

Things to do in Munnar

Travelling in Munnar things to plan in advance

It is advisable to carry some salt dried and salted mango pulp or lemon anything that help in reducing nausea or vomiting sensation. Munnar is 1600 meters above sea level in western ghats mountain region and a hill station, while driving from cochin to munnar you will experience nausea or vomiting sensation and these foods prevent and helps you to get rid of vomiting situation.

Travel with Light weight it is always advisable and you will get added advantage if you are planning for shopping in Munnar .Munnar is a hill station and you don’t find branded outlets for travel bags & accessories hence plan in advance.

Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Blue jeans, or cargo’s will be good. You can take warm cotton or woolen clothes with you, A muffler will be helpful, especially if you are not usually comfortable in cold climates.A good Leather shoes is highly recommended, it will help your feet stay warm, and give good grip on steep roads.

Photo Equipment: It is advisable to buy films and batteries from your home town as you know buying films from tourist spots will be costly.

Shopping: Munnar is not a famous shopping destination. Tea and spices are the most important items that can be purchased in Munnar. Munnar is the best place to purchase tea, spices, and strawberries. The KDHP (Kannan Deven Hill Plantations), a Tata Company outlet, has very good quality tea at reasonable prices. Some of the varieties are not available outside and so it makes sense to buy them here. Munnar which is famous for its fragrant spices. Good quality cardamom can be bought here at relatively cheaper prices. Besides spices, aromatic oils like eucalyptus oil, lemon grass, and citridora are things you may take home.
Munnar you get home made choclates is somtheting you can buy for your kids

When you are traveling in munnar valleys you will find local people selling fresh carrots from farms, they slice and add salt, chilli powder and they taste amazing & you get forest honey  also try the same too

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